New Face Masks Available!

dbstevens new face masks

As a preview of some of the products that will be available soon, here are four new face mask designs. They’re currently available at You can check out the other products available there as well. Enjoy!

“6 FEET” Social distancing reminder. This is a subtle and whimsical reminder for others to keep the proper distance! Also available on a white background, and as a T-shirt and other apparel, tote bag, mug, and other products. Check it out here!

I Wear This Mask For You. This is a gentle way to remind others who seem to forget that we wear masks to protect each other. Available in Premier, Standard, and Youth sizes.

Schrödinger’s Smile – A Visual Pun. If you haven’t heard of the famous thought experiment of Erwin Schrödinger’s, “Schrödinger’s Cat”, check out this link. This mask features Schrödinger’s actual enigmatic smile and raises the question of what’s behind the mask. Is there a smile or is there not? Also available in Premier, Standard, and Youth sizes.

Chakra Mandala Mask. Just for the beauty of it…. Available in Premier, Standard, and Youth sizes.

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